The Dwarf Castle – Hidden Landmark of Fulton County

Some are steps away from bustling city streets. Others are on roads you’ve probably taken at least once. Still others are hidden in plain sight. Here’s one of the many hidden spots you might not know about in Fulton County.

Dwarf Castle, also known as Cagle Castle is located on Hwy 140 in Fulton County at 12570 Arnold Mill Road at the SW corner of Cagle Road in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The house was built in 1950 by Rudy for his wife Ruth McLaughlin. Rudy was a long-haul truck driver who told his wife he would build her a castle. It was heavy work.

The castle was constructed of pink and white marble from The Georgia Marble Quarry in Tate, Georgia and granite which was mined near the quarries of Stone Mountain. The mortar and concrete for the roof was lifted in five-gallon buckets.It is rumored that most of the living space in the castle is subterranean. 

The home is surrounded by a spike-topped wrought iron fence while over-sized statues of dwarfs stand guard atop the two stone columns at the entrances of the gated estate.

The stone home also features reflective yellow glass windows and turrets. 

There’s also a swimming pool that doubles as a moat (check out the aerial view photo) and two garages accessible by a drawbridge.

This 1,400-square-foot home looks like a castle, but as this is a private home, it is not open for tours but you can always view it outside the gated fence or across the street.