Gunshow – A Different Dining Experience

Here’s another one of my favorite spot to dine, it’s called Gunshow.

This restaurant is so unique. The owner and executive chef, Kevin Gillespie, was a contestant on Top Chef. He named the restaurant after a memory he has of his childhood. His dad worked seven days a week to help give his family a quality life. On the occasional Sunday that his dad didn’t work he would take Kevin to a Gunshow.

The dining experience is truly unique. There are very few walls in the restaurant and the kitchen is open for the diners to see.

The style of food and service is a mixture between Churrascaria-style and Chinese Dim Sum.

Each chef on the team is in charge of one dish for the night. He/she masters that dish and walks around with it on a cart, explains it to the guests, and then they can decide if they’d like to order it or not.

It’s Al La Cart style of ordering and everyone at the table usually shares.

This is the perfect spot for a group of 4-6 people. The desserts were amazing!