Cypress Street Pint and Plate

Cypress Street Pint and Plate opened its doors in 2007 and has since grown tremendously within the Midtown, Atlanta community. Cypress has been known for engaging the local community by using Atlanta vendors, and working with local organizations to help raise funds and awareness for many different charities.

The Red Door Atlanta team paid Cypress Street P & P a little visit and we really enjoyed ourselves. The outdoor seating was nice, especially with the outdoor fireplace. We tried both the Sublime doughnut Veggie and beef burger.

The veggie was a house-made red bean patty with melted swiss, caramelized onions, and arugula, all held together by two doughnuts (specially made for Cypress) from Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta. It was he perfect combination of savory, sour, sweet, smokey, and delicious!

Whether you’re looking for a good bit to eat, a taste drink, or a spot to meet up with friends in Midtown to enjoy some time together, this is the place to do it.