And the Winner is……

Thank you all for carrying our Red Door Atlanta coozie all over the WORLD and helping to promote our brand.  We loved seeing all of the cool places you visited.

We had such a hard time deciding who submitted the best, coolest, farthest, most beautiful photo of our Red Door Atlanta coozie this summer!  So we selected some Honorable Mention awards.  These runners up winners will each receive a Yeti Rambler 30 Tumbler!

The Quantity Award goes to….  Alison Jacowitz

Alison contributed the most entries to our contest and definitely had some unique pictures featuring the coozie!  Thank you for your prolific social media posting, Alison!

The Distance Award goes to…. John Herbert

John gets bonus points from Carrie for all the Georgia Tech posts and for dragging our coozie all over Europe! Thanks for logging the miles, John!

The What’s in your Coozie Award goes to…. Greg Sckowronski

While we loved seeing Guinness and Ice cream in our coozie, we have to award the best coozie contents to Greg for keeping our favorite local beer cold.  We love Sweetwater Brewery and especially their IPA.  So thanks for keeping it local at the lake Greg!


And the Grand Prize Winner is……  David McClaren!!!!!

David submitted hands down the most beautiful photo of the summer!  And we also appreciated his use of coozie while painting the beautiful home we sold his family last year!  Thanks Dave for working and playing hard with the Red Door coozie!

We had a lot of fun with #RedDoorLife this summer – looking forward to seeing what you can do next year!