2 Other Hidden Landmarks of Fulton County

Some are steps away from bustling city streets. Others are on roads you’ve probably taken at least once. Still others are hidden in plain sight. They are the hidden spots you might not know about in Fulton County.

1. Atlanta White House, just off I-85 on Briarcliff Road (3687 Briarcliff Road),Atlanta

This three-quarter replica of the White House was built in 2002 by real estate businessman Fred Milani when the housing boom was on. . The 16,500-square-foot home, one-third the size of the real White House was built as a tribute to democracy and the U.S. The home is a total replica of the original White House. It also contains an Oval Office, a movie theater and a replica of Lincoln’s bedroom. Nearby residents have mixed feelings about the replica White House. When the real estate boom went bust, the home landed in foreclosure in 2011. It was last sold in 2013.

2. Adalanta Desert,Westside Urban Market,1198 Howell Mill Road N.W.,Atlanta

By the power panels of the building Star Provisions and Bacchanalia call home, you’ll find a signpost to another world, Kcymaerxthaere.

It commemorates the story of the building of the great Tehachapi Roadways that crossed the searing desert that covered many gwomes, including Atalanta and Ironinh and parts of Stoan Mountin. But with hospitality rare and far between, it was inevitable that momentous meetings would take place–from self-connection as with Iglesia Guitierrez to Nobunaga-Gaisen’s near fatal in consequence meeting with Alcibiades.

The plaque is one of many markers placed in our world that Demetrios says connect with the alternate world of Kcymaerxthaere.